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Achievement Gaps: The Path to Equity (Reimagined)

Achievement Gaps: The Path to Equity (Reimagined)

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Today's schools are challenged with bringing underachieving students up to satisfactory levels of performance while continuing to provide enriching instruction for students already ideally placed on the achievement continuum.

Easy solutions to this problem simply don't exist. In this course, we'll explore the many factors that contribute to unequal patterns of achievement among different groups of students, but one inescapable reality lies at the root of the problem: disparities in achievement occur because some students are better prepared to achieve than others. Although educators can address some of the issues that affect students' readiness to learn, it will take a network of concerned people and institutions to help students overcome other barriers to academic achievement.

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Course Objectives

  • Identify how language feeds inequity .
  • Describe how negative mindsets affect learning .
  • Identify unconscious bias and microagressions in and out of the classroom.
  • Apply strategies, including mindfulness and self-reflection, to combat unconscious bias.
  • Incorporate community...
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