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Total Participation Techniques (Reimagined) [PDO]

Total Participation Techniques (Reimagined) [PDO]

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This course will introduce participants to practical techniques for cognitively engaging students during lessons. These include the uses of on-the-spot techniques, hold-ups, total participation techniques (TPTs) that involve movement, and TPTs for guiding and supporting students in their note taking. Participants will explore essential elements in building a TPT-conducive classroom, where students feel free to share with minimal risks. Finally, participants will analyze the cognitive engagement that is present in a classroom lesson as they apply their new understandings to their own teaching or through peer observations.

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Course Objectives

  • Evaluate levels of disengagement and connect it to the costs to students and society.
  • Interpret a disengaged student’s profile and a teacher’s perspective.
  • Examine ripple questioning and explain how it benefits students.
  • Compare the four quadrants in the TPT cognitive engagement...
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