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Blended Learning: An Introduction (Reimagined) [PDO]

Blended Learning: An Introduction (Reimagined) [PDO]

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There is a growing trend in education at all levels toward blended learning models. This approach requires teachers to rethink their roles in the classroom. This course will introduce you to the various blended learning models used throughout the country. And author, Catlin Tucker, leads you through exploring the implications of a blended learning model on instruction. She suggests teachers strive to achieve one version of blended learning, the “flipped classroom.” In this environment, teachers must learn to weave online and face-to-face experiences so that maximum learning occurs. She guides you through online community building exercises that must happen in order for students to have successful online experiences. Tucker says the flipped classroom model can be achieved in many ways and is not video dependent. In addition, she explains the importance of asking good questions that elicit critical thinking from students. And, finally, she describes appropriate assessments for this blended learning model.
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Course Objectives

  • Investigate existing blended learning models.
  • Assess your current technology use and teaching assignment to decide which blended learning model works for you.
  • Evaluate each blended learning model and reflect on the feasibility of each model in your current teaching assignment.
  • ...
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