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STEM for All (Reimagined)

STEM for All (Reimagined)

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Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) based careers are a growing segment in the U.S. job market; however, the United States currently lacks the talent to fill a portion of these positions. Integrating STEM into the K-12 curriculum is imperative if the United States is to cultivate this talent from within. This course, STEM for All, outlines the value of integrating STEM into the curriculum at each grade level and offers examples of ways that STEM has been integrated into the classroom and through cocurricular opportunities. Additionally, this course emphasizes that STEM integration needs to move beyond just the math and science classroom and students who seek it out. Educators need to make sure it is accessible to all students, including those who are presently underrepresented in STEM-based careers. STEM components need to be a part of curriculum and assessments to ensure success beyond the classroom. STEM is essential to the continued growth of our nation; therefore it should be encouraged and accessible to all students, in all arenas.
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Course Objectives

  • Explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education in K–12 education.
  • Compare the presence of a STEM education to its absence.
  • Describe the four elements that advance STEM learning.
  • Develop ways to make STEM more accessible and achievable in demographic groups...
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