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Teach, Reflect, Learn: Building Your Capacity for Success in the Classroom (Reimagined)

Teach, Reflect, Learn: Building Your Capacity for Success in the Classroom (Reimagined)

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In this course, you will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge, hone your self-reflective skills, and ultimately, "build your capacity for success."

"Building your capacity for success." This phrase packs quite a significant wallop—both in education and in life. For this course, the term capacity is not viewed as a static measurement—such as how much capacity one's heart has for blood—but rather, as a dynamic element of improvement—how much capacity one's heart has for love (to continue this metaphor). Our capacity for success, like our capacity for love, knowledge, skill, excellence, learning, and growth, is limitless. And as we increase that capacity, we simultaneously increase our ability to affect the children with whom we work in positive ways. So what makes a great teacher successful when others fall short? Rigorous, ongoing self-reflection. Expertise does not come naturally. Cultivating awareness, developing a skill, honing the ability to accurately assess, and improving our responsiveness takes time, effort, energy, and a hefty dose of self-reflection. The difference between learning a skill and implementing it effectively resides in our capacity to engage in deep, continuous, and rigorous thought about that skill.

This course has been carefully constructed for you, the classroom teacher—no matter your years of experience or amount of expertise. In this course, you'll be given a chance to take charge of your own learning and follow one of four differentiated paths on the journey to grow your personal capacity. For most of us, education isn't just a job or a profession or something we do during the school year. It's a calling. And we're not called to mediocrity. We're called to make a difference. To impact the future. To change students' lives. To help our young people become the amazing, wonderful human beings they're meant to be. And our charge—to maximize our influence through continuous improvement—is a calling we must heed. Let's spread our professional wings, grow as reflective practitioners and skilled educators, and fulfill the destiny of that calling.

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Course Objectives

  • Summarize the influence a teacher has on student achievement.
  • Analyze your teacher-evaluation model to identify where, how, and when self-reflection appears within the criteria.
  • Identify your current reflective standing on the Continuum of Self-Reflection.
  • Craft a self-reflective...
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